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Complete dentures are custom designed to replace all your missing teeth. When planning your dentures, our experienced denturists at South Point Denture Clinic will take impressions and measurements to provide you with high-quality dentures that are best suited for your specific needs. Age, gender, facial structure, speech, oral conditions, eating habits and lifestyle are all taken into account when fabricating your dentures. To receive your perfect smile, we offer a variety of complete denture options, including both precision and standard dentures.

What Is a Standard Denture?

A standard denture suits each person's unique looks and needs. Your denture is handcrafted to match your age, complexion and facial features. Specific procedures are taken, and good-quality teeth are used to construct your dentures. Considerations include the shape of your face/jawline, lips, eyes, and hair colour. The teeth are set to look natural, and your smile is aesthetically pleasing. A personalized standard denture fits most people comfortably and functions well.

What Is a Precision Denture?

A Precision Denture provides maximum function during everyday life activities, optimizing the ability to eat, speak and laugh confidently. In addition to the use of premium grade materials (teeth and acrylic); extensive measurements are taken in making your customized dentures. Patients who have unusual conditions in their Temporal Mandibular Joint, (jaw joint/TMJ), or oral cavities may require additional extensive measurements to accommodate their needs. Precision dentures incorporate such measurements of your TMJ as well as your oral cavity. These measurements are transferred to a precise semi adjustable instrument that closely duplicates the natural movement of your jaw. The measurements allow the denturist to recreate the majority of intricate movements associated with eating. Further measurements guide the denturist in the placement of your premium teeth for maximum aesthetics and speech with your new denture.