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What Is a Denture?

A denture is an appliance which is worn to replace lost or missing teeth and to enable you to enjoy a healthy diet and smile with confidence. A complete or full denture is one which replaces all of the natural teeth in either the upper or lower jaws. A partial denture fills in the spaces created by lost or missing teeth and is attached to your natural teeth with metal clasps or devices called precision attachments.

What Is The Difference Between Conventional And Immediate

Conventional dentures are made and inserted after teeth have been removed and the tissues have healed. Healing may take several weeks to months. Immediate dentures are inserted immediately after teeth have been removed by your dentist. To do this, the denturist takes measurements and impressions of your mouth prior to your extraction appointment to fabricate your dentures, and they will be placed on by the dentist. An advantage of Immediate dentures is that the wearer does not have to be without teeth during the healing period. However, bone and gums can shrink over time, especially during the first 6-8 months after teeth have been removed. When gums shrink, Immediate dentures will require a final fitting such as a reline, rebase, or a replacement denture.

What Are Dentures Made Of?

The base of a denture is called a plate and can be made of either acrylic or metal. The teeth are normally made of acrylic or a combination of acrylic and porcelain. Denture teeth come in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes, in order to provide you with a natural looking smile.

Will I Be Able To Eat With Dentures?

Eating with a new set of dentures will take a little time and practice. Your denturist with assist you with tips on adapting to your new dentures and get back to eating the foods you love. Start with soft foods cut into small pieces. Chew slowly using both sides of your back teeth at the same time to prevent the denture from moving. As you become more used to your denture, add other foods until you return to your normal healthy diet.

How Long Should I Wear My Dentures?

During the first few days, you may be advised to wear them for most of the time, including while you are asleep. After an initial period of adjustment your denturist may advise that you remove them before going to bed. This allows your gums to rest and helps promote oral health.

Will Dentures Make Me Look Different?

Only if you want them to! Dentures can be made to closely resemble your natural teeth so that little change in appearance will be noticeable. If you were unhappy with your natural teeth however, new dentures can also be made to improve the look of your smile and the overall appearance of your face.

Will Dentures Change How I Speak?

It does take a few weeks to get used to new dentures and pronouncing certain words may require practice. Reading out loud and repeating difficult words will help you adapt.

Will Dentures Allow Me to Eat All of the Foods I like?

After the adjustment period, you can eat them, but there will be some exceptions. Some practice will allow you to eat properly after a while, starting with soft foods, cutting them into small pieces and chewing slowly using both sides of your mouth to avoid denture movement. Other foods can be added after you become used to it until returning to your normal diet. The exceptions? Eating sticky snacks like toffee and candy is not recommended!

How Much Do Dentures Cost?

Depending upon your individual needs, your denturist will be able to inform you of the total cost of your denture services at your initial complimentary consultation appointment. We provide both premium and standard options, and take pride in ensuring quality, proper fitting, and affordable dentures.

How Long Will It Take To Make My Dentures?

Creating dentures that fit well is a multi-step process, so the time to actually "fabricate" the dentures is not the main consideration. Depending on your particular needs, and the type of dentures you require; it typically takes 3-4 appointments to fabricate and 2-3 weeks from start to completion.

How Often Do Dentures Need To Be Replaced?

Like anything, over a period of time, dentures will need to be relined or replaced. This is due to normal wear or changes that occur in your mouth as you age (ie receding/shrinking bone and gum ridges causing loose and ill-fitting dentures). It is important to replace worn or ill-fitting dentures before they cause problems such as irritated and sore gums. Most standard dentures require refitting or replacement after 5 years. If properly cared for, most dentures have a life span of about five to seven years. Regular checkups and denture maintenance together with adjustments will help to prolong the useful life of your dentures.

Why Do I Need Regular Checkups For My Dentures?

The most important reasons are to ensure that your dentures are still fitting properly and to check for any possible damage to the dentures. Changes to your gums and facial muscles affect the "snugness of the fit." If the dentures are not fitting properly, this problem will only get worse over time and can begin to affect how you eat and speak Minor changes to your dentures caused by regular wear are much easier and quicker to fix and will help to prolong the life span of the dentures. Small cracks or chips that are not repaired quickly can result in major fractures.

Is It Ok To Use A Denture Adhesive/fixative To Keep My Dentures Secure?

New dentures should fit securely without using a denture adhesive, unless otherwise advised by your denturist. If your dentures do not feel secure, please make an appointment to see our denturist to access the cause of your ill-fitting denture. If you are waiting to see the denturist or to have new dentures made, it's fine to use a fixative for this short period of time.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are permanent anchors of titanium that is inserted into the jawbone and act much like root replacements of natural teeth. Once implanted into your jaw, the bone and the implant body integrate into ‘one' (osteointegration), and provide a stable and reliable anchor on which a denture is fabricated. Two-Four implants are usually required, and the entire process often takes 3-5 months from start to completion. We will work with, or refer you to, a oral surgeon/specialist/dentist to place the dental implants. Once placed, your denturist at South Point Denture Clinic will provide you with all the tools and instructions necessary for hygiene and maintenance. Often dental implants are considered the ideal treatment option, as it provides you with the ability to eat all the foods you love with confidence and ease. To find out more about dental implants, ask questions and see samples, contact our office for a complimentary consultation today!

Can I Get More Information From You About What To Expect And How To care For My Dentures?

Absolutely! If you have any questions at all, you can call our office at 604-576-1442, or send us an email at info@southpointdentures.com.